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Casio DBC-32-1ADF Databank - Silver

Casio DBC-32-1ADF Databank - Silver
Casio DBC-32-1ADF Databank - Silver 1
Shelflife Online Store presents the Casio DBC-32-1ADF Databank - Silver. Blending traditional retro aesthetic and pioneering timepiece technology, Casio statement pieces will continue as a fashion icon for decades to come. Complete with 8-digit calculator feature and databank functionality, this retro classic, with timeless silver finishing, offers data storage for telephone numbers and email addresses, as well as additional features including; World Time display, daily alarm, countdown timer and calendar. Celebrate the good old days with the classic gold-finish Casio Databank statement piece. Buy your Casio DBC-32-1ADF Databank - Silver online! Worldwide shipping and free delivery in South Africa.


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