Featured Designer 002: Sol-Sol

04 Jun 2024, 17:00
Featured Designer 002: Sol-Sol

“Sol-Sol Started off as a Tumblr blog page started by my brother Jared and Carl while they were living in Seoul. I was ready to launch my first collection and was messing around with names and one night we were all together and decided to launch it alongside the blog and have the same name that could one day have a bunch of different facets.” – Mat Kieser, Sol-Sol founder.

This month our Featured Designer booth welcomes in a piece of Cape Town streetwear heritage, Sol-Sol. Started in 2013, the vision for the brand to “one day have a bunch of different facets” has undoubtedly come into fruition throughout their eleven years and shows no sign of stopping. The brand has had collabs with artists like Ben Eagles and local spots like Pizza Shed, have had multiple features in Hypebeast, and now will be available for purchase at our Cape Town for the upcoming month.

Sol-Sol is a South African menswear label making good quality basics with a focus on fit, fabric and design. They walk the line between menswear and streetwear blending clean silhouettes with neutral and bright tones, and a combination of bold prints with subtle details. With the way style has shifted and transformed since the brand’s inception, Sol Sol has stayed ahead of the trends while still bringing us timeless designs, focusing on limited runs and basic wardrobe staples. The brand emphasises the fabric and fit of the items, crafted to create smart-casual streetwear.

Mat started working on Sol-Sol when he became extremely disillusioned with his job at the time and also with the products that were available in South Africa. There were things that we couldn't get locally and with South Africa's import duties on clothing, buying online from overseas was and still is difficult. With Mat’s previous knowledge of the industry, making cool clothes felt like a natural next step.

Our Featured Designer booth will be stocked with the latest collection from Sol-Sol, alongside stocking their key items like caps, tees, hoodies and transitional weather pieces. Each item stays true to the brands skate and surfing influence, striking a balance between understated outerwear and bolder graphics; with the brand’s signature typographic scrawled in an OG tag style.

 Sol-Sol will be available at our Cape Town Store only, until the end of July 2024.