Shelflife Collectors Series: Pistol Pete

Shelflife Collectors Series: Pistol Pete

We are bringing back the Collector Series, where we chat to and highlight the most important people and their collections in our local scene. Shelflife has seen a lot of serious collectors pass through our doors throughout the 13 years of business.  So it's only fitting we shed some light on these enthusiasts. And what's better than picking the brain of some of the best in SA's scene right now? First up is none another than Pistol Pete, the guy who probably pulls the trigger on more grails than anyone else you know. 

Tell us a little a bit about the man behind the collection, who are you and what do you do? 


I am 40 years old, happily married with 2 beautiful kids. I dabble in quite a few business ventures, with my main focus being property, import and export. If you need to know more you can follow @pistolpete_za.

What was the first sneaker you ever purchased?


The Reebok Pump. It was 1989 and my parents refused to spend so much on a sneaker when they first dropped so as a compromise I had to do some manual labour at my parents business to save up enough to purchase the sneakers with my own funds.  


Why did you start collecting sneakers?


I properly started collecting about 7 years ago but have been an avid sneaker lover my entire life. Air Max and Jordan 11s were my kicks of choice in my youth. We live quite a stressful and hectic life, where commerce doesn’t sleep, so I decided that I needed a hobby to take my mind off things. 

How many pairs are in your sneaker collection?


More than is healthy, and less than what is desirable. 


Which sneaker from your collection could you never part with? 


Can’t ever say I have a favourite sneaker as for me it always changes as new sneakers drop. The 2 sneakers I could probably never part with for now, (but that might change as some sneaker brands decide to keep re-dropping grails), would be my adidas Futurecraft ash green (F&F) and adidas Miami Hurricanes 1.0 boost.


Do you have a favourite brand? If so, which brand?


Love all the brands and different silhouettes they create but have to lean towards adidas being my favourite, closely followed by Nike.


What’s the most you’ve ever paid for a pair of sneakers?


A small fortune.


What sneaker was it?


I reserve my right not to comment.