Shelflife Collectors Series: Daniel Meyer

Shelflife Collectors Series: Daniel Meyer

We are bringing back the Collector Series, where we talk to and highlight the most important people and their collections in our local scene. Shelflife has seen a lot of serious collectors pass through our doors throughout the 13 years of business. So it's only fitting we shed some light on these enthusiasts. And what's better than picking the brain of some of the best in SA's scene right now?

We got the chance to ask collector and connoisseur Daniel Meyer some questions about his kicks. He's been a long time supporter of Shelflife and we are proud to feature him. Check it out below and reach out to us if you feel like your collection of something deserves a feature too! 


 Tell us a little a bit about the man behind the collection, who are you and what do you do? 

I'm just a regular guy with a passion for sneakers, street culture and all things around it.


 When did you first start collecting sneakers? Do you remember what age it was? 


Collecting would be difficult to put a date on but my fascination with sneakers started around 03/04 with the G-unit Reebok joints, which I was obsessed with.


 Which sneaker or style do you think is overhyped at the moment? 

The Yeezy’s but just as you think it’s done you get a new one and people go crazy!



 Which sneaker from your collection could you never part with? 

 Puma Sakura’s, AM 1s (OG Red) or any of my Jordan 3s or I could go on ...


 Do you have a favourite brand? If so, which brand and why? 

I like what Puma are doing but no specific favourite right now.


 Something you think is slept on in the culture? 

Air Force 1s with out a doubt I feel like people are just oblivious to how versatile it is and how important it has been.

 How many pairs are in your sneaker collection? 

Your guess is as good as mine who knows I've never really taken note of how many pairs I keep and it changes so often but to be honest its never been about how many for me. 

 What’s the most you’ve ever paid for a pair of sneakers? 

R 8000

 What sneaker was it? 

Just Don Jordan 2


 If you had to pick one pair from your collection to wear for the rest of your life, what would it be?  

Air Max 1 OG Red

 How does the sneaker culture and scene differ locally to overseas in your opinion? 

We have progressed so much over the past few years but I think what shapes a lot of what we see overseas is brands taking interest in the culture which we have seen lately from puma locally  and I hope to see more attention paid to the community from the brands we consistently spend our money with. 

 What's the most intense experience you went through to get a sought-after pair? 

4-Day camp out.

 Any favourite memories from your past buying days? 

A large percentage of my buying experience has been at Shelflife in Cape Town, the vibe and atmosphere has always been on point so it would be unfair to single out just 1. Mad stories though.

 Your oldest pair of kicks? 

Probably a pair of Shell toes.

 Was there anything from the past few years that you passed on that you would kill to have or have back? 

The first 750s - it marks the beginning of adidas x Yeezy small piece of history.

 What are some of the worst mistakes people make when buying vintage or retro sneakers? 

When people buy things they don't actually like but almost place emphasis on how important it is because its hot right now and next week will be something else its unsustainable for most people to buy what’s hot week in and week out.

 Any advice to fans trying to cop their next grail? 

I've heard of people lending money to buy shoes and leveraging themselves so thin in order to get what they want. There is more than one way to go about getting something you really want - plan and execute.

Be sure to follow Daniel at @just_like_dan