Shelflife Artist Tee Series: Jade Klara

Shelflife Artist Tee Series: Jade Klara

Shelflife's artist for the month of February is Jade Klara. Based in Cape Town, Jade studied at UCT and Vega, before starting her own illustration studio in Woodstock. Her work is characterised by a strong and feminine style as she plays with whimsical imagery and narrative. We knew her work would translate well onto a t-shirt so we had to get Jade Klara on board. 

Check out the short interview with Jade below! 

Where did your love for illustration and art in general begin?


My mom hung a huge poster of Mucha’s Biéres de la Meuse in my bedroom growing up and I would go to sleep staring at it. There was this area where her hair made a shape that looked like an octopus monster and I was terrified but when I grew up I just started appreciating the whole. Possibly then...

Who are some of your biggest influences?


James Jean. His Work. Blows. My. Mind. 

What have been some of your highlights as an artist so far?


I think it’s always the first milestones; the first time I showed work was at London Miles Gallery, or being able to do rad collabs with RVCA, Mr Price, York, you guys. It’s the best.

How did you interpret the concept of the Shelflife "S" into your artwork?


I liked the way crocodiles curve to make the S shape and then thought about a concept that disrupts the symbiotic relationship they have with those little Plover birds that clean their teeth. We get in the way of everything.

What would an average day for Jade Klara look like? 


Ideally, I like to start the day with an early morning surf, then come into work and drink green tea, annoy my studio mates and play Call of Duty where my studio mates get me back for annoying them. Oh and work, I work somewhere between that.


Any advice to those wanting to get started in the industry and stand out? 


My advice would be to trust your style and go with it, there are so many super talented people out there and that’s what makes you stand out, because your style is unique to you. 



The Shelflife x Jade Klara Artist Tee drops this Thursday 28 February at Shelflife CPT and our online store via first come first serve at 10am. The release will be available at our JHB store on 12 March, when the new store location opens. Units are extremely limited as always.


Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL