Kudukudu Presents: 006 Lo-Ghost & Academie

Kudukudu Presents: 006 Lo-Ghost & Academie

Kudukudu Records are back for a 6th round, this time joined by the likes of Lo-Ghost & Academie.

Since Lo-Ghost's debut album release mid-2017, Cape Town alternative duo has been steadily building a reputation as one of the freshest up-and-coming sounds on the scene. With their dark, lush production, innovative songwriting and powerhouse vocal performances, Lo-ghost are carving out a unique and memorable space for themselves in the South African sonic landscape. And they’re just getting started.

Joining them is Academie. In just over two years, Academie have made a name for themselves with their pop music that is as transfixing as it is transcendent, showing one how much beauty can emerge out of Johannesburg’s exacting urban environment. Their songs are a mix of dark and light that reflects the dualism that Academie readily embraces: in their self-contained musical world, pre-recorded samples, vocal reverb and loops are as central to the sound as the viola, guitar and saxophone.

Kudukudu Presents: 006 Lo-Ghost & Academie this Saturday 23 February at The Raptor Room, 79 Roeland Street. Get your pre-sold tickets for R100 here. R150 at the door and subject to availability (100 pax). Doors open at 20:30. 

Listen to some of Lo-Ghost & Academie's recent releases below!