Graffiti Artist ODEITH: The King of Illusion

Graffiti Artist ODEITH: The King of Illusion

Portuguese Artist ODEITH sees walls differently. When other artists might avoid corners and angles and rather opt for flat walls, ODEITH does the opposite. He uses these spaces to create amazing animals, insects and objects, transforming them from 2D straight into 3D.


Born in 1976, ODEITH has gained serious praise from around the world for his anamorphic realism art. Though he is still based in Portugal, his work has taken him all over the globe. His interest is definitely insects, but he has gone on to create roosters, skulls, frogs, cars and even sometimes going back to his roots with letters. ODEITH was recently back in the spotlight with a mural he did of a old bus. (see before & after below) 

Check out some more of ODEITH's work below too! 





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"Lost Star" acrylic on canvas . #acrylicpainting #acrylic #odeith

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