DJI’s New Osmo 3 Mobile

DJI’s New Osmo 3 Mobile

Mobile cameras have come a long way. Now phones can take stunning 12 megapixels photos, as well as videos in 4k at 60fps. So it's no wonder that Chinese conglomerate DJI has improved their DJI Osmo Mobile, now in its third generation.


The DJI Osmo 3 Mobile Gimbal is a phone stabiliser that boasts many new features, the most notable is the way it packs away. The latest Gimbal is now foldable and extremely light, making it perfect for capturing ultra-steady footage while traveling or out. It is also smaller in general, adding to the ease of the latest Osmo.

However, DJI didn't just look to cut things out to make it lighter and smaller. They actually reintroduced the trigger button that was present in version 1 and sorely missed in version 2. The latest Osmo is also easier to use one handed as it can automatically rotate the phone from landscape to portrait with the tap a button. It also gives access to the phone’s ports due to the new foldable design, and will last 15 hours on a single charge. Two versions are available, one standard Osmo 3 Mobile and one Combo Kit with an extra hardcase and tripod for hands-free use. 


For those interested in smart features, DJI has introduced a bunch! There’s Active Track, DJI’s computer vision tracking system, time-lapse, hyperlapse, panorama, gesture control, and a ‘story mode' that automatically edits footage together for beginners. These features are in line with DJI’s move to add smart features to their Ronin SC and RoboMaster S1 toy tank. While DJI are known for their drones, they haven't added anything to that category in while. Instead, the company has spent 2019 broadening its portfolio of devices. 


The main complaint from previous DJI Osmo Mobiles was that it was difficult to travel with and store in a bag. DJI seem to have combated these issues with their super-light, foldable Osmo Mobile 3, while also giving us a bunch of new features. You can pre-order it now in SA from Orms Direct for R1895.