Beats Headphones & Earphones Now at Shelflife

Beats Headphones & Earphones Now at Shelflife

The world's favourite premium headphone and earphone brand has arrived at Shelflife. Beats Electronics are now available at our Cape Town, Johannesburg and online store in a variety of colours and styles. 

The brand was started in 2006 by Dr Dre and Interscope Records' Jimmy Iovine, then called Beats by Dr Dre, to combat a problem both celebrities saw in the music industry; sub-par audio quality from headphones and earphones. After initially partnering with Monster Cables, Apple saw the potential that Beats brought to the table and acquired the company for $3 Billion in 2014. This included Beats Music, that would become the streaming service Apple Music. 

With Apple's backing, Beats have grown from strength to strength and have a massive assortment of products suited to anyone's preferences. Even introducing Beats iOS integration for the best seamless experience. There are the wired Dr Beats EP versions, that features amazing sound quality produced from a light-weight but durable pair of on-ear headphones. The EP has a stainless steel frame for increased durability, with it being available in either Black or White colourway.  

The next Beats version on offer is the Beats Solo3. This pair of wireless headphones has award-winning sound quality, a massive 40-hour battery life, as well as Apple W1 chip, meaning it can interact and switch between your Apple devices with the same ease the Airpods offer. With only 3 minutes charge, the Beats Solo 3 can last an amazing 3 hours of battery life. We have the Beats Solo 3 in White, Matte Black and Rose Gold.

The Beats Studio3 also offers wireless functionality if that is what you're after. On top of this, Studio3 offers Pure Adaptive Noise Cancelling (Pure ANC) that blocks out all unwanted background noises, meaning you can focus on what matters. The pair of Beats also features Fast Fuel, meaning it can charge for 10 minutes and last 3 hours of battery life, all while using Pure ANC. On full charge, the Studio 3 will last 22 hours with Noise Cancelling turned on, or 40 hours with the function off. Lastly, the Studio 3 features the same Apple W1 integration as the Solo3, meaning it'll work with and switch between your Apple devices like a dream. We have them in White, Matte Black, Red and Shadow Grey.

The last Beats products on offer comes in the form of in-ear earphones. The first is the BeatsX, a wireless pair of earphones that last 8 hours on a single charge, as well as featuring Fast Fuel for those times you need to charge for immediate use (5 Miniute charge = 2 hours battery). The BeatsX also integrates with Apple devices through the W1 chip, but adds a mic for hands-free phone calls and voice control. The last product is for those wanting to be more active with their Beats. The Powerbeats3 offers the same Apple integration, while adding sweat and water resistant functionality. With 12 hours battery, the Power Beats3 also features a microphone and cable management clip for behind your head.  

The selection of Beats Headphones and Earphones are now available at our Cape Town and Johannesburg stores, as well as through our online store. 

Beats EP: R1799

Beats Solo3: R4499

Beats Studio 3: R5499

Beats X: R2499 

Beats Power3: R2999