A Look Inside the Latest KAWS Exhibition

A Look Inside the Latest KAWS Exhibition

Hypebeast has given us a first look at the upcoming KAWS "COMPANIONSHIP IN THE AGE OF LONELINESS" Exhibition held at the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne. If you're a fan of KAWS - feast your eyes on all of this!

Set to open tomorrow the 20th of September, the exhibition features a range of paintings, murals, large-scale sculptures, street and public art, as well as designs from his fashion collaborations.

One of the stand-out pieces is a newly commissioned bronze sculpture of the artist’s signature Companion, and it's his largest statue to date too. Other highlights include his early bus stop ads, acrylic on canvas pieces with reworked pop culture subjects, as well as an extensive collection of life-sized figures including his towering ‘ACCOMPLICE’ (2010) Companion and ending with a bright 'PLAYTIME' area. There are bits from every bit of KAWS' past work and collaborations, including the various UNIQLO themes and so much more. 


The exhibition is open from 20 September until April 13 2020, so if you're ever in Melbourne definitely go check this out! Otherwise in October KAWS is opening an exhibition in London too.

NGV Melbourne

180 St Kilda Rd

Melbourne VIC 3006