adidas Consortium 4D Runner Custom by Jemuel Wong

adidas Consortium 4D Runner Custom by Jemuel Wong
Some of you will know Jemuel Wong as that Australian guy with the Trefoil tattoo. Or you might remember him from the amazing on-foot shots he did of our own Consortium release at the start of the year. Well, he's back at it making amazing content with The Three Stripes once again. But this time he’s actually doing something he’s never done before - a custom. 

Jem posted the first photos of his adidas Consortium Runner Mid 4D -  Antique Petal/Light Ocean Custom yesterday and the internet went nuts. Needless to say, Wong was flooded with DMs, asking how on earth he achieved this amazing makeover. So today Jemuel posted his process which only used dye - no paint at all. Jem basically dyes the whole sneaker in such a way that he is able to change the colour of the 4D sole with no added paint. And yes, its 100% wearable. Jem says the 4D sole dyes extremely well and evenly because Carbon, its producer, use a process similar to how synthetic fibres are made. 

Check out the process video below and be sure to read his caption if you want to do something similar yourself. 


The 4D custom process post is here! Over the past 24 hours, I have been receiving lots of DMs with regards to the custom process. It’s really quite simple, so I want to share it with you all! Contrary to popular belief, no paint was used in this process. I elected to use @ritdye Dye More Synthetic Dye. This was recommended by my brother @govrn_ / from a @highsnobiety Youtube video & @heskicks tutorialsπŸ™πŸ» Now it is crucial to have water that is just under boiling point throughout the process, this can be achieved by either simmering in a large pot, or like I did, fill a stainless steel sink with boiling water/top up through the dyeing process. To set the dye, you can either use a Dye Fixative, or simply use Table Salt diluted in water. Then simply run the shoes under warm water until the water runs clear, and room dry. (Stuff shoes with newspaper to absorb all the moisture, may need to use butcher’s paper if you are dyeing it white as newspapers ink may transfer.) And that’s it! The dye sets in incredibly well, it becomes permanent. When it first came out, the shoes retained a very blue hue to it, but as the moisture was absorbed and dried, it became a CW that is in the Navy/Grey spectrum. The best part about this custom is, the 4D sole absorbs dye consistently like nothing else as the @carbon 4D sole is constructed using similar techniques to how synthetic fibres are made. I encourage you all who are brave enough to try it out, get creative! Swipe right to see the process! ➑️ #callingallcreators #freetocreate #adidasoriginals @adidasoriginals

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