Ten Q's with Shelflife - The Fresh Zine

Ten Q's with Shelflife  - The Fresh Zine

1. Why did you want to start a Zine?

 I wanted to start a zine as a personal project for myself and it was only going to feature my illustrations, but the idea grew and I figured it would be cool to have different artists and illustrators join in and that was in the beginning of the journey. Now it’s become a gateway to connect with other artists and illustrators globally.


2. Who inspires you and what makes you want to create?

 I’m inspired by loads of artist. My top few in no order would be Tony Riff, Rime, Nychos, Ashley Wood, Snek, Etam Cru, Atmosphere, Jonwayne, Kanye among many more. I have a classic case of ants in my pants and that’s why I create. I guess I also just enjoy creating something out of a blank page, screen or bare wall. 
It’s satisfying.


3. What has been your biggest or most meaningful achievement asan artist so far?

 The most meaningful experience I had was being invited to Meeting of Styles Hue 2018. I was the only African there and met really amazing artists from all over the world. Meeting so many likeminded creatives in one beautiful place was incredible and that’s why it’s on top of my list.


4. Recently you were living abroad, where were you living and tell us about the creative scene you experienced while overseas? How was it different to Cape Town?

 I was living in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. I taught art at an art space above a cool gallery, so I got to see all kinds of artists. The creative scene in terms of local illustrators and graffiti writers is awesome, from the South to the North of Vietnam they’re a really close-knit community and they were very welcoming. There’s also a huge amount of expat writers living in the city. The way the city is built, it’s perfect for bombing so the city is paradise for travelling writers. Compared to Cape Town’s scene, we are far too cliquey. Amazing things could happen if we all came together.


5. We heard about Sketch Club that you run, what exactly is it?

 Sketch Club is an event I started as an excuse to meet more creatives. I held it at an art café and it was free for anyone to join. I would provide paper and to join you’d just have to bring your own pens and pencils. I would give everyone a post-it note to write down a theme, I would throw it into a hat for a random draw and the post-it note I drew would be the theme for the evening. The café has been fully packed from the first event, so it's been really cool having so many creative in one space. Also people got a chance to buy Zines at the event.


6. Do you have a favourite piece of your own? Tell us about it.

 My favourite piece is a burning police van I illustrated, I call it, "Pork Roast." It stems from my hatred towards corrupt authority.


7. If you had to collab with any International artist or brand, who or what would it be?

 Nike, it’s my favourite brand of sneaker and it would be awesome to collab with them. Also Montana.
You know you’ve made it as a writer if you collab with Montana.


8. Tell us what would be on your list if you were locked in Shelflife for an hour?

 Damn, what wouldn’t be on my list! If I were locked in and found a way out I’d grab the paint, the collection of sneakers in the locked cabinet, then the rest of the sneakers, the watches, clothes … I would clean sweep the entire store in less than an hour.


9. What advice do you have for people starting out their own Zine?

 When dealing with creatives, set the deadline before the deadline and always test print.


10. If you weren't making art, where do you see yourself?

 Tough, either a merchant or nature conservationist.

Keep an eye on @fresh_zine for the new zine to drop and @bushywopp for new artworks.


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