Tebza Malope's Spirit Music Video

Tebza Malope's Spirit Music Video
There is no denying that Kwesta's hit "Spirit" took the country by storm. It was amazing to see how Kwesta was able to recruit the help of big international names like Wale, while still remaining authentic to his roots. It therefore follows that such a revolutionary song should be paired with an equally groundbreaking music video. Enter Tebza Malope, the multi-award winning South African director who has got the world's attention.

Tebza is no stranger to accolades, with awards from the Loeries to Cannes. It therefore makes sense that he doesn't work on just anything he is asked to do. The story has to resonate with him, and that's exactly what Spirit did. Tebza said he heard the song and immediately saw himself in it. He was given complete creative freedom to create a music video that represented the people as much as possible. This mandate led him to shoot the music video in Kwesta's hometown of Katlehong. The music video only took 24 hours to make with everyone "playing themselves." The short time to film was actually a blessing in disguise according to Tebza, who said the short turn around time meant he had to shoot fast, creating the rawness that brings the video to life. Publications have referred to this stunning contemporary piece of art as a love letter to the country, and its popularity somehow rivalled the song itself. 

The identifiable theme one can see throughout Tebza Malope's work is that of a narrative. "I'm a storyteller, and I'm happy when I get to tell a story." His recent ad for KFC involving the Destruction Boyz tells the story of how the group get influenced by their everyday experiences, and then Tebza ties it in with selling chickens - somehow. There seems to be no stopping this revolutionary and unique filmmaker. 

You can watch the music video below if you haven't already seen it, or check out some of Tebza's other work:


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