See All the 'KAWS:HOLIDAY' Stops So Far

See All the 'KAWS:HOLIDAY' Stops So Far
The ‘KAWS:HOLIDAY' companion has officially made its fourth stop at the foot of Mount Fuji in Japan. With a massive 40-meter size, it really is a sight to behold with the iconic mountain in the background as the sculpture glazes up at it. But this is definitely not the first time the KAWS companion has made a stop. Check out the installations below! 

'KAWS:HOLIDAY' previously made its world debut in Seoul, South Korea. It was found floating in the Seokchon Lake. Surrounding the floating companion was a seating area with themed parasols and beach chairs, along with a photo tower for picturesque aerial shots. 

‘KAWS:HOLIDAY’ continued its Asian takeover by moving to Taipei, Taiwan. It was seen overlooking the Liberty Square in front of the famed Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall. With the companion in a seated position and a massive 36-meters tall, it was the largest sculptural work by KAWS.

KAWS then took his work to Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong, where the companion lay down and floated in the ocean. Being 37-meters tall, it was the new biggest sculpture by KAWS (second if you include the latest one in Japan). The residency in Victoria Harbour coincided with Hong Kong’s Art Basel, where KAWS had exclusive mechanise available for sale. 


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