Okmalumkoolkat's La Liga Single

Okmalumkoolkat's La Liga Single
Okmalumkoolkat is back with his 4th single from his album Mlazi Milano, and this time it's a soccer themed banger. The single has been produced through the Sjambok Studio art gallery, who were also involved in the album's creation and unique art direction. La Liga sees OK's bring old Dirty Parafin member, The Good Dokta, into the mix for a nostalgic reuniting of creative minds. The Good Dokta is also the man behind the amazing cover art for La Liga. In case there was any confusion, Okmalumkoolkat took to Instagram to introduce the single's genre as "Primustof" - stating he is bored with South Africa's current soundscape.

La Liga's lyrics center around Oklmalumkoolkat's life as a Spovington Kid (a streetwear kid), as well as inspiring the youth of South Africa to get out of the townships. Ok's previous single, "Amalobolo", was equally well-received with more than 1,4 million views on YouTube, and the single "GQI" surpassing that with 2,1 million views. It is obvious that Okmalumkoolkat isn't lying in the opening line of La Liga, saying "I'm back in the game bathi second half!"

You can stream the whole Mlazi Milano album including La Liga here and watch the music videos for the other singles below:

Okmalumkoolkat's La Liga Single


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