Nike Move to Zero: The Swoosh's Plans for Tackling Climate Change

Nike Move to Zero: The Swoosh's Plans for Tackling Climate Change
Move to Zero is the name Nike has given its new journey towards a brand with zero carbon and zero waste. And it's not just to be trendy either. Nike is linking their fight against climate change to the effect that these changes have on sports. 
It is a continuation of Nike's deep commitment to sustainability and is driven by belief that protecting the planet means protecting the future of sport against climate change. This move comes after Phil Knight penned an open-letter about Climate Change and what brands can do about it. 

In the brand's latest blog post, they start by highlighting the temperature shifts across the globe. The amount of days where the heat was above 32 degrees (90 °F) has increased across the globe by 25%. And of course, heat effects sports, players and their performance.

"For example, many U.S. states have adopted rules to keep players safe in increasingly hot and humid conditions, mandating shorter practices, wearing less equipment or even canceling games. Without global action, under current trends climate change could decrease time spent on the field by up to two months in parts of Louisiana, Texas and Mississippi by 2050." While this relates to American Football, it can definitelybe applied to move summer sports. 

But climate change causes issues for those that need the cold too. Nike state that an decreased snowfall causes a loss of the actual playing field for players depended on it. Nike state that, "the average number of quality snowboarding days around the world has decreased by 7 percent during the past 30 years. By 2050, those days could shrink by 11 to 22 percent."

But what exactly is Nike going to do to achieve these goals? The Swoosh is starting by eliminating single-use plastics on Nike's campuses worldwide and initiating dialogue among the global design community through

This initiative joins Nike's material development programs, which have diverted 6.4 billion plastic bottles from landfills since 2010 and made kits and Flyknit yarn in the process. On top of this, Nike has introduced "renewable-energy-powered logistics centres" to aid in their journey to zero as well as diverting 99% of its footwear manufacturing waste from landfills.

Check out the official post from Nike for some really cool graphs and deep insights! 



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