NBA's Biggest Sneaker Customiser

NBA's Biggest Sneaker Customiser
Vice recently did a piece highlighting the NBA’s biggest and most popular sneaker customiser. Known as Kickstradomis, the customiser has made Basketball sneakers that are actually played in by pros. People like James Harden, Wesley Matthews, Montrezl Harrell, Donovan Mitchell and Ricky Rubio, to name a few, have all had him do work for them. Some memorable ones include a “Free Meek” pair for James Harden, a special Halloween and Fortnite themed custom, as well as Karl Town’s “Love Trumps Hate”, which was his first sneaker to go viral. 

It hasn’t always been this easy or successful for Kickstradomis though, who's real name is Salvador Amezcua. He had always painted sneakers, and was gaining a following until he was involved in a bad car accident on the way to a sneaker convention. While rehabilitating from the accident and working a minimum wage job in a warehouse, he scrolled through his 100,000 followers on Instagram and reached out to Karl-Anthony Towns of the Minnesota Timberwolves, who still happened to follow him. 

“I just shot my shot and reached out to him through a DM, and he responded within a minute,” said Amezcua. “I figured this could be the best comeback with somebody of Karl’s caliber.” One thing led to another and soon Kickstradomis was creating amazing 1 of 1 Hyperdunks for Towns. From this first custom NBA sneaker, his business completely snowballed to the point where he is charging $400+ for his work. “I have players on every team and a handful of players going to the playoffs, so it’s going to keep me busy”, Kickstradomis proudly states. 

Six years after he started restoring his cousin’s sneakers as a side hustle, Amezcua has turned his passion into a career and is the guy NBA players come to when they want custom work done. The guy who used to charge family members and friends anywhere from $40 to $60 for restorations is now getting anywhere from $400 to $500 a sneaker.

Check out Kickstradomis' Instagram here, as well as his website for requests.
Also check out the short Vice documentary on Kickstradomis below for a more detailed look:



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Reebok x Cottweiler ZIG 3D Storm - Blue/White
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Reebok x Cottweiler Full Tracksuit - Maroon





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