McDonald's vs RocoMamas Twitter 'Beef'

McDonald's vs RocoMamas Twitter 'Beef'
McDonald's recently launched their new 'Warmer Deals' specials for the colder months, and with it came their new Chilli Fries. This was followed by a new Chilli Fries advert in a Renaissance-style. Most people were really happy with the Golden Arches latest announcement, but one brand wasn't.

What caught most people's attention wasn't McDonald's marketing, but the response by competitor RocoMamas on twitter. RocoMama was quick to tweet back that McDonald's had bitten the idea from them. And they really didn't hold back, asking if McD's were looking for more to copy and referring to them as 'beloved'.

And people were loving the 'beef'!

And RocoMamas didn't stop there either, going on to suggest that McDonald's don't even use real beef in their burgers, or dining with them is like dining in hell! 

And people were hurting for the Golden Arches who were getting roasted online!

But the good people at Business Insider took it off Twitter and did some cold hard research on both Chilli Fries offerings. First, they started with service, with McDonald's coming in slightly faster than RocoMamas, but not as much as you would expect. 4 Minutes 52 Seconds vs 5 Minutes 3 Seconds. Next!

According to the research, RocoMamas is also more bang for your buck. RocoMamas medium chips weighs in 388 grams vs McD's 248 grams. Per 100 grams, this means RocoMamas is much cheaper at R11.83/100gs vs McD's R14.07/100gs. The chilli topping mark up was about R10 at both burger joints too.

Next is appearance. RocoMamas put more care to their meal presentation, including a healthy portion of finely-diced red chillies, a good slathering of cheese sauce, along with sprinklings of herbs. McDonald's diced up a few jalapenos and slathered their chips in cheese sauce.

Business Insiders top taster said that McDonalds' cheese sauce was much more bountiful than that of RocoMamas', but mentioned that the cheese sauce tasted processed. They also noted there was a fair bit of mayonnaise in the cheese. Overall there was plenty of cheese sauce all the way down to the last chip for McDs. 
On the other hand, RocoMamas’ cheese flavour tasted much more genuine but could have done with a bit more punch, being overpowered by the chilli. So there was some redemption for McDonald's. 

Lastly, and most importantly with chilli fries, is the actual chilli helping. And RocoMamas won that hands down. It's reported their fries were dripping with chilli bang from the actual chillies through to the salting. It was hot and spicy the whole way through. This compares to McDonald's chips that had little to no kick, apart from the jalapeno slices.

Its therefore clear McDonald's took a beating on Twitter and going head-to-head with the competitor they are being accused of copying. 



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