Maradona - Stiff Pap Music Video

Maradona - Stiff Pap Music Video
The Maradona Music Video is here! Maradona is the latest single from the post-kwaito duo Stiff Pap, who have made a bold entry onto the South African music map since the debut EP, released mid-2017. We reported on the single when it dropped about a month ago, but the music video is so good you can't miss it. And its Stiff Pap's first visuals ever! 
Stiff Pap tread skillfully along the fringes of trap, rap, kwaito, and electronica on this track, continually crafting a dark and grimy sound which is both industrial whiles still providing is a healthy breath of fresh air. Jakinda-produced Maradona includes his signature industrial but flirtatious production styles, while taking a lean towards the popular characteristics of trap on this one. Ayema cuts through with sharp lines and paints pictures of hood success, and playful determination. Simmy echoes these sentiments with a melodious verse to tie it all together. The music video is crazy, bringing the 'Papcom' Street Fighter concept to life with fights, finishers and final matches. Defintely check out the Stiff Pap video below! 


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