JanSport Backpacks hit Shelflife Store

If you want something to succeed, name it after a woman. This is a lesson we can learn from Murray Pletz, as it is exactly what he did! Murray Pletz' company, JanSport, was named after his wife Janice 'Jan' Lewis. It has since become one of the world's largest backpack manufactures and finally we see their stock at Shelflife Store! Based in San Leandro, USA, JanSport's backpacks differ from the traditional top loading backpacks as they feature their panel loading twist. They have a wide range which spreads from their 'Classic' backpacks including the 'Big-Student' typically for those attending varsity, the 'Right Pack Expressions' as well as the 'Slacker', both ideal for the city commuting life. The 'Super Break' model has a very simple and classic design and is available in a range of fun popping colours! Designed for functionality, JanSport has found a way to incorporate flexibility into each one of their designs, with the understanding that a backpack which is used to carry books, might just be the same backpack used for everything else. Not only are the backpacks extremely well made and stylish, but they all maintain a 30 year warranty - so should you find a fault in anything from the stitching to the zip, it will be replaced hassle free.


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