Highbrow: SA's First Cannabis Branding Agency

Highbrow: SA's First Cannabis Branding Agency
With the Constitutional ruling of decriminalising marijuana in South Africa, it seems the whole country is gearing up to fully embrace every aspect of the industry. You only have to look at the International CannaTech’s recent announcement to be held in Cape Town to get an idea of the potential people see in SA’s Cannabis industry. 
Highbrow agrees, and has therefore started the first ever local design agency aimed solely at the Cannabis industry. With the legalisation of Cannabis selling on the horizon (hopefully), the industry is bound to be flooded with a massive variety of new Cannabis related products. And Highbrow is here to make sure that you stand out from the crowd.  

They offer Brand Development, Graphic Design, Digital Products as well as Marketing Services. With a combined experience spanning 30 years, your brand development is definitely not in the hands of some stoners. 
While we patiently wait for the decision for fully legal marijuana to hit our country, Highbrow has worked on some concepts to show what their amazing branding and packaging would look like in the real world. They really do it all.

The first concept is Green Panda, a uCook-type service with Cannabutter (Cannabis-infused Butter) added to the fun. It is also aimed at beginners, featuring packaged pods containing a precise dose of THC in your chosen strain, melted into organic unsalted butter. Green Panda aims to take the stress out of dosage, while also creating a service like uCook for edibles. 

For this brand, Highbrow created everything from the website you order from, the packaging of each item, the instructions, and even the ribbons, stickers and branding that goes on the delivery box. 

The second concept is a brand of THC-infused Artisanal Teas that are intended to energise or soothe the soul. Highbrow created the fictional brand that's product look as good as it feels, and a positioning that marks the intersection between recreation and ceremony. Colours and symbols are used to distinguish between the uplifting and invigorating sativa blend with chai, cinnamon and orange peel, or the soothing infusion of indica strains complimented by jasmine, lavender and chamomile. Day and night. 

This is an extremely exciting move to see from Highbrow, and definitely a promising one for the industry. Check out the Highbrow Agency’s website and reach out to them with project ideas to see how they can help you grow!


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