Have You Seen Our New R5 & R2 Coins?

Have You Seen Our New R5 & R2 Coins?
A set of five R2 coins, as well as a new R5, will be released into circulation over coming months to commemorate South Africa's 25 years of democracy. Five designers were tasked with creating new coins that were aimed at to reinvigorate national pride.

This is the first time in the history of the South African Reserve Bank and the South African Mint that South Africans were consulted to this extent in developing coin themes and designs. Adding to the historical significance of these coins is the fact that three South African women were selected to design them - Neo Mahlangu, Laura Windvogel a.k.a Lady Skollie and Maaike Bakker, along with Pete Mammes and Rasty Knayles.

Here's a look at the five designers involved! Some coins release to the public as early as this month. 

Lady Skollie

One of the youngest artists on this campaign, Lady Skollie’s artwork represents the famous images of the voting and polling stations displayed throughout the media in 1994. The coin is titled 'Let us live and strive for freedom.'

Lady Skollie designed the new R5 coin, which is symbolised by the image of a snaking queue to the voting polls. Releasing in August. 

Neo Mahlangu

Neo Mahlangu is a Johannesburg-based designer who plays on the boundary between socially aware fine art and stylish digital creations. Neo also recently collaborated with MRP Home to create a blanket that you'll start seeing a lot of soon! 

She has designed two R2 coins - 'Children’s Rights' and 'Right to Education' with the latter coin portraying the three phases of education. Both release this month! 

Rasty Knayles

Given South Africa’s dark history of segregation and restrictions, Graffiti and Tattoo artist Rasty Knayles felt that the weaver bird holding a key would be the epitome of what the Freedom of Movement and Residence coin now represents. "Supported by an image of the well-known minibus taxi and an aeroplane, this coin shows that we have the right to freely choose our place of residence, to travel and expect to be welcomed home." Releasing in July! 

Maaike Bakker

Pretoria-born Maaike Bakker describes herself as a visual artist who works with various drawing, sculpture and installation based mediums. She used a droplet of water, grass, a fish and more, to highlight the idea of a well-balanced, protected environment. "This coin stands for the right that all South Africans have to access unspoiled natural resources that enable our survival, such as access to water, food and air." Releases in July! 

Peter Mammes

This coin displays the symbol for religion in sign language, which is an image of a hand raised with an open palm. Artist Peter Mammes’ challenge was to depict people, ethnicity, and religion without referring to a specific religion or belief. Releases in August. 




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