Grape Fives just in, everything is purple!

The highly anticipated Nike Air Jordan Grape Fives have just dropped at Shelflife Store! When we first heard about the Grape Fives being re-retroed, the first thing that came to mind was 'everything is purple' from A$AP Rocky's 'Purple Swag'. If you were involved in the game in the 90s, you should remember the Fresh Prince - Will Smith, and these should definitely come to mind! Let's face it, Will's kick game was one we all desired. As one of the first lifestyle colourways of the Air Jordan Retro, some consider the Grape Fives to be one of the greatest original Jordans of all time. This is quite impressive for a pair of kicks which were never actually worn by Michael Jordan in a game. This is not a retro to miss out on! Follow the link below to buy a pair online: Worldwide shipping and free delivery in South Africa.


New Balance 247 Sport Jogger - Athletic Grey
New Balance 247 WMNS Sport Hoodie - Sea Salt
Shelflife Beanie - Black
Shelflife Beanie - Burnt Orange


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Grape Five Percent Discount
3 May 2013

Grape Five Percent Discount

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