F**K a Fake Friday - "AllBrands_Sneakers"

F**K a Fake Friday -
Last week we dropped the first blog post in our new series “F**K a Fake Friday” and the response has been insane! We’re back this week with our latest blog post and the question is… Who are we calling out next?

To say this was one of the more popular submissions is an understatement. Tons of consumers have been sending this account in. allbrandssneakers is their name or you may know them as “Allbrands_sneakers” on Instagram. We snooped around and noticed they operate on Instagram, as well as on their website – which looks “official” to customers. But this is an account that has scammed shoppers as well as shipped fake products (the lucky few that did manage to receive a delivery). This account even went as far as to say they supply stock to Shelflife and Shesha, which is a complete lie! Check out the DMs we received on Instagram, as well as complaints from Hello Peter.

Shelflife's Weekly Tip
If you are looking to authenticate an item you are interested in purchasing from a online seller, first search the item online. Check out marketplace site StockX which can give you an estimation of what the item retails for, as well as resale or market value.

For example, All Brands Sneakers is currently selling the Dior B23 High for R3100, however according to StockX; the current asking price is about $900, which is around R15 000! Usually if it's too good to be true, then it is! Stay safe out there!

If you have an account you would like to report to us, feel free to pop us a messsage on our social channels.

Official Hello Peter Complaints


Shelflife Heavyweight Fleece Tie-Dye Hoodie - Sea Green
Shelflife Heavyweight Fleece Tie-Dye Hoodie - Bottle Green
The North Face Denali 2 Fleece Jacket - Lemon/Black
The North Face Fanorak Jacket - Twill Beige/Vintage White





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