F**K a Fake Friday - 'Sneakers_Headsurf'

F**K a Fake Friday - 'Sneakers_Headsurf'
Back at it again with another Fake Friday exposure! This week we take a look at another heavily requested store that’s been up to no good. We present: Sneakers_Headsurf, who must've known it was coming because they blocked us a week ago. 
Unlike last week’s scam, Sneakers_Headsurf operate only through Instagram, with a phone number to call in the bio too. They boast 38k followers, which could often convince potential customers that they are legit. They also advertise themselves as “SA’s No.1 Online Store” with 24 hour or 48 hour delivery available. Sounds too good to be true? It is. 

Sneakers_Headsurf differs slightly from AllBrands_Sneakers in that they actually do deliver their products. They are fake, but they do deliver them. Except when you call them out for your new fake purchase - they will deny and refuse any refunds. Let’s take a look at some blatant fakes on their page. 
First up is this picture of Air Jordan 4s, available for R2399 each. Retro Air Jordan 4s retail for about R3099 and certain colourways (like the Bred 4s and Black Cats), sell for higher than their retail price. So it makes little sense that Sneakers_Headsurf is selling you real Air Jordan 4s under retail months after release, especially when they have no official account with Nike. 

Here’s a laughable one. Nike x Sacai LDWaffles in all the flavours for R1700 each. We aren’t even sure they knew what they were posting, with the caption not even stating the name of the shoe. Anyway, Sacai’s LDWaffles were one of the hottest shoes last year and costs around R6000 - R10000 on the resale market today. See StockX prices below for market value. Blatant fake. 

Some customers sent in screenshots of conversations they had with the store after receiving an obviously counterfeit pair of CDG x Converse Chucks - a heavily faked pair of sneakers due to its popularity and simpler construction. See for yourself how shady Sneakers_Headsurf can be when they are called out and a refund is requested. These aren't the only complaints we have received about this particular style either, but once they deliver they refuse a refund every time. 

Sneakers_Headsurf like fake clothing too! Supreme Box Logo tees that resell for R7000 + were on special for Valentine’s Day for only R449. Supreme Box Logos on special?? Other fakes include CDG Play Hoodies, Tees and Cardigans for under retail, as well as Off-White Hoodies and Gucci Jerseys that retail for about 6k and up but Sneakers_Headsurf kindly sell it to you for R1400.

Shelflife Weekly Tip
Look out for Instagram shop accounts with lots of followers but comments on each post are disabled. The followers are probably bought and they disable comments to keep complaints
 from reaching the public, so all you are left to do is DM them and get ignored. They might also post fake postive reviews, delete bad ones and then disable comments. See last week's tip here. 

Stay tuned for next week's instalment and please keep the DMs coming!



Nike Killshot OG - Gorge Green
Nike Killshot OG - Gym Red
Nike Killshot OG - Midnight Navy
adidas WMNS Superstar Jelly - Purple Tint





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