F**K a Fake Friday - “Dzaddy Amor”

F**K a Fake Friday - “Dzaddy Amor”
Instagram is failing to clamp down on the abuse of its platform by groups of organized scammers promoting counterfeit luxury products including shoes, handbags, clothes and sunglasses.  Recently our social media accounts have been flooded with complaints from consumers who have been scammed out of their money, due to purchasing from these ‘fake’ Instagram accounts. We figured, enough is enough… time to name and shame!

Introducing our latest feature on the Shelflife blog – ‘Fake Fridays’.

Have you heard of “Dzaddy Amor”? Maybe you follow him on Instagram or Twitter? He claims to be an entrepreneur of sorts on Instagram.

The unfortunate reality is that "Dzaddy" has scammed tons of consumers out of their money for luxury goods like sneakers, either selling fake merch or not sending anything at all. So much so that there are even dedicated instagram accounts calling out his slimey ways. We do believe consumers need to take time to research sellers they are purchasing from especially if it's only directly from social media accounts and there is no, physical store, or no online secured platform.

So if we can be clear, DO NOT BUY FROM THIS ACCOUNT!!!  It's a scam. We found several accounts on Instagram trying to warn people about this account, but consumers are still falling for this account. This account may have over 76K followers, but that does not in fact make it a real account that is selling authentic products. Followers can be bought, and fake items are being sold.

Shelflife's Weekly Tip
If the item you're purchasing is under local major stockists retail price or suggested selling price it is more than likely fake.

This will become a weekly feature, that will expose fake or scam sellers to ensure our customers are always protected. If you have an account you would like to report to us, feel free to pop us a messsage on our social channels or email [email protected]


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