Henry Hamilton's 'Hide and Seek' Exhibition (Interview)

Henry Hamilton's 'Hide and Seek' Exhibition (Interview)

Opening last week in Cape Town, Henry Hamiltons 'Hide and Seek' exhibition is the place to be for the finest hand-tufted rug art. 

Henry is a close friend of Shelflife and we've collaborated with him many times in past - whether it was digital work or more recently, tufting rugs. We got the chance to sit down with Hamilton to ask him a bit about his latest exhibition and the ins and outs of the rug tufting world. 

Give it a read below! 

Can you tell us a little bit about your latest exhibition in Cape Town?

Rug tufting has really taken off globally in the last few months, how did you get into making rugs at home? 

Are there any common mistakes new tufters should try to avoid?

Your style is extremely unique and instantly recognisable. How do you ensure your work stands out against the rest?

Before yarn Henry Hamilton was known more for painting. Do you think there are any similarities between murals and tufting? Are there any skills that carry over?

We've obviously worked with you a few times before, most notably for the adidas x The Simpsons launch. Which other projects are close to your heart?

Are there any tufting accounts you follow to stay inspired in your craft? 


The 'Hide and Seek' Exhibition by Henry Hamilton and Mr Bzar is open until 21 March at Side Street Studios in Woodstock, Cape Town. Don't miss out on this one!